With Nathan Massey
With running specific strength training workouts and running mp3 tracks, demonstrated and presented to you by Nathan, you’ll feel fitter, leaner and more motivated to run that extra mile! 

 “We all have our own reasons for working out. For me, I knew I needed to lose those few extra pounds that I had gained, and during lockdown seemed like the perfect time to get myself in gear, my running trainers on and get out of the house for, sometimes no more than, 30 minutes. 

Running has not only helped my physical health but my mental health too. I feel more clear minded than ever and feel the fittest I’ve felt in a long time and I want to help you feel the same.” 

- Nathan
Read This Before 
Going Any Further
A Personal Note From Nathan...
There are so many quick fixes out there when it comes to getting in shape but I feel nothing compares to hard work and putting the graft in yourself. That’s what this plan is all about, putting in the effort and getting the results you want.

This running guide has been developed to help you lose weight, feel fitter and definitely motivate you.

I have done it myself and feel proud to put my name to it.

I've worked with one of the best personal trainers on this plan and I know when you guys start it you’ll understand why I love it so much.

If you are just someone who wants to feel a little better about yourself inside and out, lose a bit of weight and definitely improve your running ability, then this plan has got your name written all over it.

Real training, hard work and a balanced lifestyle.

The Plan Includes
- 8 Week Training Plan
- 8 Real Time, Audio Running Workouts 
- 1 x Warm Up
- 1 x Cool Down
- 2 x Stretch Sessions
- 4 x Body Weight Strength & Conditioning Workouts 
- 1 x Downloadable Guide 
- Running Specific Nutrition Guidance 
- 10 x Healthy Recipes
- Step By Step Workout Planner
What Do You Actually Get?
with Nathan Massey
  • ​8 Week Training Plan Download & Keep Forever
  • 8 x Real Time, Audio Running Workouts with Nathan motivating you every step of the way
  • ​1 x Warm Up with Nathan demonstrating all exercises
  • ​1 x Cool Down with Nathan demonstrating all exercises
  • ​2 x Stretch Sessions with Nathan demonstrating all exercises
  • ​4 x Body Weight Strength & Conditioning Workouts To help you improve your running and avoid injury
  • ​1 x Downloadable Guide Download & Keep Forever
  • ​Running Specific Nutrition Guidance To help you achieve your goals
  • 10 x Healthy Recipes Unlock & Access
  • Step By Step Workout Planner Download & Keep Forever
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